Break Your Phone Addiction in 7 Days

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Waste hours every day on your phone? Can't seem to break the habit? This free book will break your phone addiction in only a week.

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Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that the average person spends over three hours a day on their phone. But there are ways to break this habit and get back control of your life. This book will show you how in just seven days.

You can finally be free from the constant pull of your phone by following these simple steps outlined in this short book. It only takes seven days to make lasting changes for a happier life with less stress and more time for what matters most to you. So download now and start reading today!

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"Megan’s Breaking Your Phone Addiction in 7 Days was helpful and practical, and I’ve stuck to the boundaries I set with my apps with no troubles since!... I think she nailed it with simple, easy-to-follow daily steps. Highly recommend!"
-Ginger, happy reader

If you want to...

  • Save time by learning the best techniques to accomplish what you need

  • Get more done in your day with less effort

  • Learn about work hacks that are tried and tested

  • Stop wasting energy on tasks you do over and over again

Then you will love Break Your Phone Addiction in 7 Days.

What you'll learn...

  1. How to Identify Apps That Waste Your Time. The majority of wasted time comes from only a handful of apps. Learn which apps are wasting your time and take your time back.

  2. How to Turn off Distracting Notifications Forever. It takes 30 minutes to get into a flow state, but only one second for a notification to ruin it. Learn how to turn off and control your notifications so your notifications don't control your life.

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  • The 30-page book Break Your Phone Addiction in 7 Days in both .epub and .pdf format

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Break Your Phone Addiction in 7 Days

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