How to Become a Top Writer on Medium

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You want to become a top writer on Medium, but don't know how to get started.

There are tons of articles about how to write for Medium. You've read some of them (or what feels like all of them), but you don't feel ready to get started yet. You're worried you'll make a mistake and embarrass yourself on the internet.

Or you are writing for Medium already, but your articles never get any views. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work. You're tired of writing blog articles nobody sees.

It's easy to become a top writer on Medium if you know what you're doing. This course will teach you everything you need to know.

Learn What Top Writers Already Know

Becoming a top writer on Medium isn't a matter of luck. Top Writers on Medium know how to write stories that attract attention and get read over and over.

  • Build the same professional writing habits as top writers on Medium so you consistently write great stories.
  • Learn how to write headlines that grab the reader's attention and stories that keep them enchanted as they read
  • Discover how to get in big publications, get curated by Medium, and become a part of the Medium community

Get Started Now!

Sticker shock? Consider this: You can earn back the purchase price in three months.

When you're done with this course, you will have....

  • Medium Partner Program payments that are hundreds of dollars every month so you can make ends meet and enjoy life more
  • Thousands of followers on Medium who regularly read your work so you can write for an audience
  • True fans who comment on your stories and send you emails to tell you they love your work so you can form real connections with people

Reviews from Happy Students

  • "I wish I could send this course backwards in time and have my past self take it. When I finally joined Medium in early 2020, Holstein quickly became my favorite writer. Anyone who enjoys her articles as much as I do would find How to Become a Top Writer on Medium an absolute treat. The lessons shed a surprising amount of light on common creative struggles—everything from how to overcome writer’s block and perfectionism to building the habits of a consistent lifelong scribe.Even though I was already experienced on Medium, my journey through the lessons was filled with aha moments that are going to help me majorly over the coming months. I feel ready to resume my writing game with a new level of focus, patience, and passion now that I've absorbed everything in this course.P.S. I recommend taking notes! I distilled all the lessons in my iPhone Notes to make sure I use my new editing process, take advantage of the resources I learned about, and stay reminded of effective mindsets for approaching writing."
    -Phoenix Huber
  • "Of the courses I've taken on writing for Medium, this is by far the best. The content is practical and actionable. The style is genuine and personable. For a ticket to becoming a top writer on Medium, this is the one to take."
    -James Counihan
  • "I cannot recommend this course enough. I say this as someone who unfortunately wasted money on a different course and am so wishing I saw this one first, because this contains specifics. Explanations, details, instructions, and the ability to ask questions are clearly built into the architecture of the curriculum and interface, which made it possible to participate in the course even on a smartphone, which I was concerned might feel cramped (it was comfortable). I’ll be referring back to the course as I work for many months. Thanks Megan!"
    -Stephanie Stevens

Why listen to me?

I'm Sam Holstein, a personal development writer and blogger on Medium. I write stories that help readers improve their lives and understand the world around them. My stories have been read over 4 million times and I have earned over $50,000 in royalties from the Medium Partner Program. Writing for Medium is my passion and my job.

Unlimited Coaching Included

When you purchase How to Become a Top Writer on Medium, you don't only get access to this excellent course. You get access to private coaching with me.

If you want feedback on your profile, stories, or even just want to chit-chat, you will get access to private coaching calls at your request. And if you have any questions or want feedback, you can reach me by email at any time and get a priority response.


  • How long do I have access to the course? You will have lifetime access to everything available in this course. You will ALSO have lifetime access to any new updates or lessons I create in the future as Medium grows or changes. You paid for it, it's yours.
  • What if I'm unhappy with the course? What if it doesn't work? This course comes with a money-back guarantee: If you buy the course, follow all the directions for a few months, and still fail to attract followers or make some money on the Medium Partner Program, I will refund every dollar you spent. (If you didn't follow the directions fully, though, you will not get a refund.) I know what it's like to spend money on courses that don't work and wouldn't ever want to do that to someone else.
  • What if I need a refund for another reason? If you contact me within the first 14 days after purchase and my system says you have not started the course, I will issue you a refund. I buy stuff I don't end up using too sometimes. BUT, if you contact me in the first 14 days to request a refund and my system says you've gone through the majority of the course, I will NOT issue you a refund. That's the digital equivalent of stealing from me and I don't appreciate it.
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How to Become a Top Writer on Medium

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